About Us

Translation agency „Prevodi Express BG“ Ltd., created in 2009, specializes in the implementation of official written and oral translations and legalization of documents . in
Consequence of acquired experience and knowledge from the working team in the field of translation
Services. Over the years, we have processed thousands of papers in a variety of areas over 20
Language that gives us security to ensure quality and fast service.
We differ from most agencies by making a personal commitment to our customers,
To remain fully satisfied with the service.
In „Express BG Transfers“ we hold on to the traditions, for us in the first place are impeccable
Communicating with our clients and providing high quality and persistence
To their requirements.

To ensure a guaranteed high level of service over the 8 years of
The creation of the company created a reliable network of highly qualified translators
And partners that allow us to make fast and quality translation of all kinds
Documentation, books, catalogs, websites and more.

Legalization of documents is an extremely important task with which we can be useful
Upon leaving abroad, getting nationality or marrying, education and
In many other cases where documents must be submitted at the state level. For this one
The goal is to sign a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has approved ours
Translators with the right to perform the service.

In the modern world, where the increasingly important communication between people in the world is emerging
Different countries that speak different languages ​​seem necessary and reliable
Who can assist you in congresses, professional meetings, negotiations or
Transactions. Here you can rely on our professionalism and knowledge in the field of lips

Over the years, more and more corporate customers are turning to our team. It is
For them we thought and provided free courier services in the area of ​​Varna,
As well as for special discounts that are prepared in accordance with the quantity and frequency of
The service used.
When the sense is acting …!